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this is kpix5 news on the
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cw. developing news out of las vegas. the suv wanted in connection with a movie style crash has been located and impounded for evidence. good evening, that suv was located late this afternoon, just blocks from where the scene of deadly violence took place early thursday morning. reaction from the father of the oakland rapper who was killed. don. >> the suv police have been looking for has been found in a complex. an apartment complex not far from where the shooting occurred. the father of the aspiring rapper speaks out. >> when it was last seen speeding from a spectacular shooting and crash scene that left three people dead. police say the suv was used as a get away car that produced a chain reaction crash. aspiring rapper, kenneth wayne cherry, jr., who went by the
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name of cherry clutch, was peppered with gunfire. crashed into a taxi, killing the driver and a passenger. all three deaths are considered homicides. las vegas police say they are looking for this man, 29-year- old amar harris in connection with the shooting. an officer said harris was arrested last year on charges of pandering, sexual assault, and coercion. kenneth, who lives in emeryville said, his son was a good boy. >> my son was a victim, just like those two people in that taxi. okay. and i want the media to leave us alone and let us mourn our 27-year-old son that has three kids. that i have to be a father for, that i'm going to be a father for u because , because i was a
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father for him. >> it stemmed from an argument. a block from the crash scene. the suspect's black range rover was found a couple blocks from the shooting scene near the cesar's palace resorts. >> four victims and other vehicles suffered nonlife threatening injuries. he is said to be cooperating with police and the investigation. ann. don, thank you. we are learning more about the passier who was killed in the taxi cab that exploded. she was 48-year-old sandra sutton from washington state. her friend say sutton was a two- time survivor of breast cancer. the coroner says she died of blunt force trauma from the impact of the crash. she leaves behind a husband and a daughter. m.c. hammer is taking his case to twitter after being arrested at an east bay mall. the rapper was approached by a police officer at the crossings in dublin.
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hammer tweeted that the officer asked if he waon probation or parole. next thing he knew, the officer drew his gun. he was arrested for obstructing and restricting an officer. police do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved. more than 30 people are injured tonight after a terrifying crash that daytona international speedway. it happened just as race cars were approaching the checkered flag. one car went airborne and debris flew into the stands. adriana diaz talked to fans who saw it happen. >> a multicar crash on the last lap of the nascar nationwide series race in florida sent debris into the stands, injuring fans. >> terrible crash. >> rookie, kyle larson's number 32 car flew into a fence that separates the track from the stands. the force of the crash sheered off the front of his car and the engine landed in the divide. a tire and other pieces of the
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car came to rest in the grand stands of the daytona international speedway. >> you have to realize a motor was sitting in the stands and a wheel. i don't mean a tire, a wheel flying over your head. >> rescue crews moved in to help dozens of injured fans. terri says a piece of metal ripped apart his brother's leg. >> i didn't realize he got hurt as bad until i seen him laying over and his leg was bleeding pretty bad. >> larson walked away from the crash. veteran, tony stewart won the race, but this is not a time to celebrate. >> i have been part of a couple big ones, but i have not seen anything like that. i wish i didn't have a rear- view mirror, because that was an ugly sight. >> crews will be here all night working to fix the fence so sunday's daytona 500 can go on as planned. >> we don't anticipate moving any of our fans. and with the fence, we should
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have racing tomorrow with no changes. >> nascar will conduct a full review to determine if any new safety measures need to be applied. cbs news, daytona beach, florida. oakland police are looking for a group of teens who got off an ac transit bus and opened fire on it. kpix5 tells us despite the violence, riders say it won't keep them from taking the bus. >> it's crazy story. >> it's not what you expect when you board a bus, dodging bullets from behind. >> it's scary. all we know right now is this appears to be completely random. >> it was just after midnight when a young man opened fire on the back window of an ac transit bus after getting off the bus on international boulevard. >> i'm not sure anybody was the target other than the bus it. there was no provocation. they got off the bus and one of them decided to shoot the bus. >> taking about six rounds, the bus drove away and four passengers were injured by that
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jolt. >> all four passengers claim to be injured from falling as the bus moved rapidly to get to a safer location. >> they are expected to be okay and the sheriff's department, which has jurisdiction on bus related crime, is trying to hunt the shooter down. >> we are gathering video, not only from the bus, but from surrounding businesses to see if we can identify this person and take him into custody. >> this is the second time in ac transit buses on subject of a shooting in a month. on january 25, two people were injured by flying glass after an ac transit bus was hit by stray bullets here on 73rd and bancroft. >> people do stupid things, i don't care where you are. >> these riders won't be deterred. >> these things happen. you can always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> in oakland, kpix5. >> hundre of guns are staig off the streets. today's event was so
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successful, they ran out of cash and had to give out vouchers. kpix5 shows us the event caused a huge traffic jam. the lines stretch for city blocks in both directions. >> the junky 12 gauge that isn't worth anything. $200 today. >> it was a slow and deliberate process. >> doesn't seem very good organized. >> the effort of east palo alto, menlo park, and police departments hosted the gun buyback, getting assault weapons and pistols, even a hand grenade and they collected 355 firearms, including 111 handguns, 227 rifles or shotguns and 11 assault weapons. >> three sets of people coming up to each car, trying to get them moving through the line as quickly as possible. >> a dozen people decided to ditch their cars and walk up with their guns. palo alto pd didn't like that. >> you got sick of waiting in your car. >> that's exactly right. >> i drove off the freeway and
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parked my car and walked over. >> $52,000 came from protect our children, a nonprofit. >> i was inspired by what happened in newtown, connecticut. the tragedy that took place at sandy hook. >> people received $100 for a handgun, or $300 for an assault weapon and the turnout was more than we could handle. >> we had $52,000 and it run out about three hours into the operation. the voucher are only going to people stopping in the parking lot. >> we have been here for three hours and we have to come back next week. >> everyone who didn't get a voucher will most likely have to wait in line again for another buyback next week. reporting from east palo alto, kpix5. two scuba divers have died off the coast of monterey county. it happened yesterday about four miles south of carmel. the daughter of a couple who were diving in the area called for help. she spotted her mother's body
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floating in the water. cal fire recovered the father's body. the area known as whaler's cove is a popular place, but officials say it is also a frequent scene of accidents. >> even though this is a very beautiful place to be at, it's one to be cautious of. the tides along with the weather pattern can change and affect the tide pattern itself. >> the names of the victims and causes of death have not been released. a bay area air national guard unit is being credited with saving lives in afghanistan. we were at the field last month when the 129th rescue wing deployed. their mission is wartime search and rescue. they are getting results. the guard says so far the 129th has saved ten people during a 13 rescue missions in afghanistan. those include coalition troops, afghan soldiers, and civilians. the pope says his final thank you before retiring later this week. the alleged scandal swirling
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vatican city. and in case you missed it, we'll see some of the sights and hear some of the sounds from tonight's chinese new year parade. >> and after a cool and breezy day, tonight the winds will subside. we'll get a bump up in temperatures for the last half of the weekend. a look at your kpix5 forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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about what would happen if t reach a deal on for the first time, we are getting detailed warnin about what would happen if congress can't reach a deal on budget
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cuts. automatic spending cuts of $85 billion would go into effect march 1. massive cuts to the military will affect our country's ability to defend itself. the center for disease control will lose $300 million. 47,000 workers could be layed off, meaning longer airport lines and fewer flights. >> are they seriously prepared to inflict more pain on the middle class because they refuse to ask more of those at the very top. >> the question is, why won't he work with us? the answer is because he wants higher taxes. >> members of congress return to washington monday to try and put an end to yet another budget battle. cardinals are beginning to arrive at the vatican to choose a successor to pope benedict. and tonight, a cbs reporter shows us, there are new hints of scandal clouded of pope's final days. >> in a final address today, benedict thanked church
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officials for helping him bear the weight. the italian media has been riddled with alleged scandals, including the existence of a gay lobby of homosexual priests within the church high . the latest stories are centered on an investigation by three cardinals into the scandal that resulted in the conviction of the pope's butler for stealing secret documents. today, the vatican issued a blast of defusion of news that is often unverified, unverifyable and false, with serious damage to people and institutions. the main concern seems to be the effect the news could have on the cardinals when they enter the conclave to choose
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the next pope. scottland's cardinal summed it up this way. >> knowing the person who might choose will be assuming increasi heavy responsibilities, not just for the roman catholic church, but for itself. >> benedict remains busy with the responsibility of fare well. today it was the return of george. the pope is expected to issue -- predictions are it will begin sunday, march 10. cbs news, rome. it looks like curtains for the shadow water slides in pleasantton recommend permanently shutting down the park and dismantelling the slides. the district is willing to reconstruct the slides, but there was only one taker. they wanted park money to fund 80% of the new and larger park, money the park district doesn't have. so what's next?
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devising a plan to take down the hill they are on, which is seismically unsafe. hundreds of people brave the chilly waters for a good cause. the san francisco polar plunge is a benefit for special olympics of northern california. police chief and kpix5's juliette goodrich were taking the plunge. they raised $125 each for special olympics. those are brave people. all right, she is without wet suits. >> some are in costume. if i were to do that, i would devise a really large costume. >> i was wondering what they were doing, now i know. and cold outside to be doing that, to be jumping in the bay. cold and breezy as well. we saw some wind gusts, more than 20 miles per hour. here's a live look outside. you can see a glowing bay
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bridge there in the background. temperatures still on the cold side. winds are going to slowly quiet overnight. you could see localized wind gusts in the hills, but cooler temperatures. bundle up, 46 in concord. 48 in san jose and 46 degrees right now in santa rosa. here are your weather headlines. overnight temperatures mainly in the mid 30s to mid 40s. we have a warming trend just around the corner. beginning tomorrow, as those winds continue to die down, it should bump up temperatures and the warmer weather continues into the workweek. sunshine, mild, warmer, upper 50s to low 60s and plenty of sunshine for the final half of the weekend. it's because of a ridge of high pressure continues to build. so we aren't seeing any rain at all. definitely you can see in future cast, but we are talking beyond that. in the next seven days, it looks dry in our forecast. possibly by next sunday, we
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could see a possible change in the weather. for now, we are looking high and dry. pinpoint forecast overnight lows, once again cool tonight. and the winds will slowly die down, even though we could see gusts more than 20 miles per hour. very localized. 38 in concord. 39 overnight in san rafael. 45 in san francisco and 45 degrees out in pacifica. otherwise upper 30s if you're in mountain view and san jose. by tomorrow, lots of sunshine. as the winds die down, temperatures on the mild side. we'll see temperatures similar to what we saw on friday. 64 in oakland. 59 in pacifica. 60 degrees in san jose and about 63 if you're in santa rosa. here's your forecast. over the next several days, warming trend begins toned and then continues through next week. it looks like by the middle of next week, temperatures should remain seasonal, in the mid 60s and look what happens for the
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end of the workweek, we jump up even more and we could reach the low 70s. as soon as friday. we are getting a peek of spring there and they usually say march goes in like a lion and out like a lamp, but it should be nice, if you like warmer weather. >> and next weekend should be beautiful. >> maybe a chance of rain by sunday, but it is too far out to tell for sure. >> thank you, much. it is the biggest chinese new year parade outside of asia. tonight an estimated crowd of 1 million people watch this. kpix5's video journalist shows us the celebration. >> pretty big. it has gotten a lot bigger.
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>> do you have a favorite part of the parade? >> the dragon. they are colorful and cool. >> the dragon and the gangnam style. >> it's amazing. it's my first time here and i'm really impressed. >> happy new year. >> and thousands of people also turned out for the 24th annual china town community fair in honor of the chinese new year, they enjoyed the taste, sights, and sounds of san francisco's china town. the fair continues tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. so you have time to celebrate the year of the snake.
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you can get a photo with a dragon from tonight's parade. this week's crane accident is not putting construction on the new portion of the bay bridge off schedule. what is happening now to make sure the work stays on time. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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what c a new crane is going to pick up where the toppled bay bridge crane left off. what caused the crane to collapse on thursday is still being investigated. it was removing a 129-ton piece of metal when it toppled over. that metal piece was part of the bridge's temporary support structure. nobody was injured and the bridge wasn't damaged. the incident will not delay the labor day weekend of the new eastern span. it was moth balls for years just after being completed. thanks to new funding, a library is finally open. dozens of people turned out for a community celebration at the
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library. the 20,000 square foot building is home to a community center. there's access to the library portion. >> neighborhoods that are really needy as well as affluent neighborhoods. it's great to have a place to get everybody together and learning and having fun. >> the library was completed in the fall of 2010 and was padlocked until today's grand opening. the first games are in the books and the sharks finally conclude their disastrous road trip. the minute is next. ,,,,
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clock.... from scottsdale giants ange tied at one...jackson willia baseball is back. mark, start the clock. >> from scotts dale, giants and angels tied at 1. jackson williams roped one into left.
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check out the panda. from first base to score, save some for the regular season. the brewers -- the a's bats were silent, but their gloves made noise. to the ice. where joe thornton fight couldn't fire up the sharks. down 2-1 in the third. big joe can't stick the puck in, but he gets it to logan who does. the problem is, the referee calls goalie interference and the sharks can't catch a break. matthew, 19 points and five three pointers leading the way for a bracket buster win. 74-66. and finally, justin cobb with the three. 18 points for cobb. cal gets their fifth straight win, squeaking by oregon state. 60-59. march madness will be filling out our brackets in three
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weeks. >> wow. i want to ask you about the daytona 500. i know you covered it. you see that video and do you think it could have been prevented or that tire took a bad bounce? >> it's hard to tell when a car is going by at 200 miles an hour and the tire flies over the protective screen. when i was covering the races, the screen didn't go up that high. they made a lot of adjustments to try and make it ave for the fans. when you're that close to the action and i can tell you, i stood there. the cars go by so fast, you don't have time to react. they are fixing the fencing and they'll work through the night to get it done so it will be safe for the fans. of course, danica patrick is on the pole. a sad day. >> all the racers, the drivers were all saying that they are okay, but they were worried about those fans. >> even tony stewart said the win didn't mean anything. >> kim needs more time for

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